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This is a description how the race will be experienced for you as a participant.

We advice all participants to book accommodation in Eidfjord from Friday September 2nd to Sunday September 4th. For an overview of the various accommodation possibilities, take a look here. During registration Friday night or Saturday morning you’ll receive a bag with your startnumber. The bag is a special needs bag, this bag you can fill with new running shoes, favorite drink or food you particularly like, or simply whatever you want. You’ll have access to the special needs bag at the food station at Fossli after 21km (finishline half distance).

Hardangervidda Marathon
The full distance marathon starts in Eidfjord at 10 am. The half marathon starts by Måbø museum in the Måbødalen valley at 12 noon.  The start from Eidfjord is easy with 9km of flat tarmac. Then starts the brutal 6 k uphill. It takes you 1200 vertical meters above the fjord and sea level. The terrain is steep and muddyl. As you approach to the top of this hill you will see the Hardangerjøkulen glacier on your left hand side. At the plateau, the terrain is swampy and there’s a trail. After a few kilometers on the plateau, you will pass a small and nice mountain farm.

The terrain towards Fossli/Vøringsfossen (21 k) is quite easy but very slippery. Take it easy in this section. Full distance runners have a foodstation at Fosstromme where you have access to your “special needs bag”. You will meet friendly crew and this is a great place to fill up the backpack with the food and fresh water. After a short section of asphalt, a long hard climb waits for you. The half marathon runners will enter this track at this point after their brutal start up the hill called Måbøgaldane. This section is experienced by many previous participants as the heaviest part of this race. This terrain absorbs power out of your legs and life will again feels meaningful. Save your energy and motivation for this section.

After a few kilometers in the swamp, the terrain will be progressively easier, the last few kilometers to the food station at Hjølmodalen (34 km) is flat. The downhill-run in Hjølmodalen will increase your knowledge about anatomy, if you are not aware that there are muscles on the front of the thigh, you will be aware that there are muscles there too.

After 6 km of downhill running you will be back on asphalt for the sprint to the finishline in Øvre Eidfjord. (small village)