What is Amundsen training camp?

Meetings / courses in the winter mountain where you learn about what type of equipment and physics you need to attend Åsnes Expedition Amundsen and other expeditions.

Dates: Thursday January 28th – Sunday January 31st + Thursday February 4th – Sunday February 7th 2021

Place: Dyranut Fjellstova, rv7 at the Hardangervidda mountain plateau

We do the training 1245 meters above sea level, where the terrain is similar to the Greenland inland ice. This way it will be as close to the reality as possible as you prepare for Expedition Amundsen.

The training consists of:
  • How to appropriately pack the sledge
  • How to organize the camp, pitch the tent and secure the equipment
  • Camp and tent routines
  • Food and nutrition
  • First aid in the winter / buddy rescue
  • How to use the stove for winter use
  • Navigate with GPS and map/compass
  • Avalanche transceiver
  • How to lead a team through the winter mountain (walking routines, breaks, food/drinks, buddy check…)
To sign up, contact Adrian Telle Hus: post@dyranut.com mob. +47 95 02 81 78

Price: Nok 2700,- which includes all the instruction and food inside (easy dinner Thursday evening, breakfast and lunch Friday and lunch Sunday)

You’ll receive the agenda for the training camp and the pack list after you sign up.