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Lonely in the dark. All alone in the Hardangervidda. No mercy.
The checklist is made for your safety, so you don’t forget anything and for our safety, so we know you’re safe if extreme weather should hit you hard in the face. The checklist is final, you’ll need everything on the list if the weather is rough.

Checklist for the team class you will find in the bottom of this page.

Checklist individual class 2017

  • All contents of the checklist is mandatory for each participant in the individual class.
  • All equipment listed must be in proper condition.

This is mandatory when you check in the sledgde at the registration

1 x thermal underwear, wool, top
1 x thermal underwear, wool, bottom
1 x mid layer (fleece or wool)
1 x down jacket
1 pair of warm wool socks
1 pair of ski goggles
1 balaklava
1 x head light
1 x sled kite and harness
1 x GPS (with map that covers the entire route, for example Topo Norway Experience and with new lithium-batteries)
1 x compass
1 x each of these following maps, 1:50000, for example:
Norge serien: plastic covered Hardangerjøkulen 10039, Nordmannslågen 10031 and Haukeli 10024 OR
Turkart serien: Eidfjord 2677, Hardangervidda Vest 2659 and Haukelifjell 2203
You can buy the maps at www.kartbutikken.no
1 x sleeping mat for winter use
1 x winter sleeping bag
1 x complete tent with rods for winter use
1 x warm rescue bag (for example Fjellduken thermo model)
1 x stove for winter use (gasoline fired)
1 x liter of fuel for stove
1 x saucepan with lid
3 liters of water
4 x breakfast rations
4 x lunch rations
4 x dinner rations
1 x thermos
1 x first aid kit
1 x snow shovel
1 x reserve ski pole
1 x avalanche probe
1 x box of matches in waterproof container
1 x multi-tool
8 x extra lithium-batteries for GPS
6 x porions of freeze dried emergency food (will be sealed at check-in)
2 liters emergency fuel for the stove (will be sealed at check-in)
1 x rope, 5 meters long

Mandatory equipment at the start, in addition to the sledge

1 x shell jacket
1 x shell pants
1 x thermal underwear, wool, top
1 x thermal underwear, wool, bottom
1 pair windproof mittens
1 pair warm innergloves (wool)
1 x windproof hat
1 pair of warm wool socks
1 pair of mountain ski boots (minimum BC-bindings)
1 pair of mountain skis with steel edges
1 pair of mountain ski poles
1 x avalanche tranceiver

Checklist individual class 2018
Checklist Team class 2018
Sjekkliste Individuell klasse 2018 norsk
Sjekkliste Lag klasse 2018 norsk