New organization - the same concept!

Øyvind Lillehagen and Fredrik Mandt was the project managers for Expedition Amundsen and Hardangervidda Marathon in 2012. Their last event was this year's Expedition Amundsen. 

Photo: Kai-Otto Melau
Posted on 19/06/2013 3:17 pm

- First of all, Eidfjord have showed us lots of courage. Xtremeidfjord is a quite different and brave project, we believe that local business and the community of Eidfjord have seen the growing potential of these two events over the past years. - The volunteers have been amazing, they have been oustanding during all events, we do have the greatest respect for their help and work. - Without the volunteers, this project would have been impossible, says Mandt and Lillehagen. - Our time as project managers ran out May 1st this year. We are sure that the local organization will understand how exciting this project is. - Now we can attach startnumbers to our chests and participate as regular participants, we really look forward to that, says Mandt and Lillehagen. 

- Xtremeidfjord will continue to grow and shine, we will soon release a local organization behind this project, says General Manager Marit Stadheim in Destination Eidfjord. - We really look forward to the upcoming Hardangervidda Marathon 2013! 

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