Here are some questions and answeres that will help you.

Posted on 27/08/2013 4:03 pm

What about the half marathon race?
It is now open for registration for the half marathon too.
The participants here will start along with everyone else and all the same rules apply etc. Those enrolled in the half marathon will have its own color of their starting number, so you can easily see who is participating in the class.
The finishing line for the half marathon is where food station for the full distance is at Fossli hotel / Vøringsfoss.
There will be transportation back to Eidfjord for those who do not have their own supporters. It should be expected a little wait. So pack some dry clothes in the "special needs" bag that you get at the finish.

I'm signed in helmarathon, I can change it to half marathon?
Yes, it is quite possible. Use Your "topptid" ID to change this  their pages.
Your Topptid ID received in the confirmation mail after registration.
If trouble, please contact events@topptid.no
It will also be possible to change when you register in Eidfjord.
How should I dress for the race?
Hardangervidda is a subtle place. 7 September, we experience everything from glorious sunny days where short tights and T-shirt is comfortable to run in. But we can also get snow and very cold conditions where bubble jacket is more suitable. Our tip for you is to pack some of both. ;) So you can ask the locals when you arrive at Eidfjord.

Where is the food stations?
-Drinks after about 9 km in Simadalen just before starting the trail up the mountain.
-Food station with "Special needs bag" after about 21km Fossli / Vøringsfoss.
-Food station after about 34km on top of Hjølmodalen.

What is "special needs bag"?
This is a bag with your start number you will be given when you pick up your start number. In this you can extract what you want. You will get access to it at the Fossli food station after about 21 km. Some choose to have dry shoes / socks / clothes there. Some have their own food and drink there, some also leave things they dont need anymore  there. It is really up to you what you will put in your bag!

Where is the start number distribution?
We want the distribution of the starting number of Eidfjord fjell og fjord hotel. There will be signs there when you arrive Eidfjord.

How many elevation meters are there?
It is about 1900 meters at full distance and about 1200 on half distance.

Hardangervidda is a marathon  focusing on experiences and nature. We choose to have a party to celebrate all participants rather than to reward the winners with valuable prizes.  Otherwise, it will be awarded some gift prizes.

We will be open for late entries by startnumber in Eidfjord if there are still seats available.
It will apply a late entry fee of £ 50.

How do you get to Eidfjord with public transportation?
Contact Destination Eidfjord to hear about different opportunities.

Destination Eidfjord / Eidfjord Tourist Office
Ostangvegen 1
5783 Eidfjord