Best advices for a great day

This is a small collection of the most important questions we have received the last week and friendly advices for a great day out there. 

Best advices for a great day

Photo: Agurtxane Concellon

Posted on 06/09/2012 9:57 am

Eidfjord and the mountain plateu Hardangervidda in September can offer anything in terms of weather, our advice is to look for the warm clothes deep down in the closet. The last days there have been indications of freezing temperatures and drifting snow in the mountains. The weather forecast for Saturday indicates that it will be quite sunny, the temperature will vary between 9 to 10 degrees down in the valleys and close to 0 degrees in the mountains. In addition, it is reported much wind early Saturday. Long tights, light windproof jacket, hat and gloves is our recommendation for raceday.


From the start in Simadalen the participants will be following T-marked trail all the way to Hjølmodalen (25 km), at all intersections there will be marked clearly with direction. The downhill run towards Fossli and Vøringsfossen is slippery and rocky, adjust your speed to the conditions. Right after Fossli Hotel we will direct you on a path past the major Vøringsfossen. The view is spectacular, but be very gentle in this section.

Special Needs Bag
When you register you will get start numbers and 2 bags marked with your start number. The Special Needs bag is to be delivered in the registration, this bag is taken to the food station in Hjølmodalen, after 25 km. This Special Needs bag can be filled with whatever you want (new running shoes designed for gravel/asphalt, new socks, etc.). The other bag you can bring on the bus to start. When start signal is off and you're on your way, this bag will be transported back to The Old Yellow House.

The Old Yellow House
In the area around the The Old Yellow House there will be activites from 3 pm. Liv&Lyst Eidfjord will provide hot dogs and refreshments for reasonable prices. There is also the oppurtunity to prepare your own barbeque down there . Liv&Lyst Eidfjord will provide different activitetes from 3 pm - 6 pm, such as: face painting, games and ball throwing. Welcome to Eidfjord!

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