Photographer: Alexis Berg

Results 2016

Another race in various weather and conditions is completed, here are the results from this years Hardangervidda Marathon and Halfmarathon on September 3rd 2016

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Nobility Calendar

Nobility Calendar

Xtremeidfjord has made "Nobility Calendars" for both Hardangervidda Marathon and Expedition Amundsen. There are 2 different cathegories, number of participations and fastest time. You must have at least 2 participations to get on the lists, have a look here

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Here are some questions and answeres that will help you.

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Photo: Kai-Otto Melau

New organization - the same concept!

Øyvind Lillehagen and Fredrik Mandt was the project managers for Expedition Amundsen and Hardangervidda Marathon in 2012. Their last event was this year's Expedition Amundsen. 

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Best advices for a great day

Best advices for a great day

This is a small collection of the most important questions we have received the last week and friendly advices for a great day out there. 

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