Interview with Trine Alsgaard

"Limits? I've never seen any, but I've heard that they exist in some people’s minds" - Thor Heyerdahl
We’ve interviewed Trine Alsgaard (46) from Rælingen, who will attend Expedition Amundsen 2015 before she completes her Bachelor in Sports Science - Trainer Programme with specialization in training, coaching and sport psychology at the Norwegian college of sports (Norges Idrettshøyskole). She’s specializing in cross country skiing. This should be the prerequisites for an exciting element in this year's Expedition!

Interview with Trine Alsgaard
Posted on 30/01/2015 2:13 pm

As a former cross country skier it wasn’t only the excitement, experience and the empowerment that tempted Trine to sign up for the race, but the challenge for herself and nature. To dare. To leap, believe in yourself and the knowledge you possess. This tough mother of 3 is no stranger to taking on a challenge, she has encountered the expedition life before. Sometimes for several weeks at a time. She doesn’t make a secret of that along with her teammate she’s planning to finish the race with a good time. The best possible time.

It is not difficult to understand that we are talking to a woman who has been out both a winter night  before and the training hasn’t been changed too much for the preparation to walk in Amundsens ski tracks. "So far I have not done anything different from how I normally train; running, cross country skiing and some weight training. The last weeks before Expedition Amundsen I will pull 40-60 kilo sleds, one to two times per week, depending on what I have time for. The basic shape is good, and it think that will be good enough. "

We asked Trine how she envisions the sled, considering that this year's Expedition requires a minimum weight of 40 kg both at the start and finish. Again, it turns out that we are talking to a woman who knows what she wants, how she wants it and how she will get there. She’ll put dumbbell weights in the sled, this way the weight requirement is met and she explains in detail where the gravity point should be, how the sledge should lie in the snow and how to pull it in the most energy efficient way. When it comes to equipment, she recommends the Pariser sled which she says has been very reliable.

- Ole Johnny Odland -