Expedition Amundsen 2016 opens for registration on October 12th !


The race will take place on February 25th – 28th 2016 starting at Haukeliseter and finish at Maurseth in Eidfjord, Hordaland.
The route is the same as Roald Amundsen took in 1896, in preparation for the South Pole expedition in 1911, Amundsen never reached Eidfjord when he was surprised by the bad weather and decided to turn back. He said later that the trip over Hardangervidda was just as laborious and dangerous as his conquest of the South Pole.

Expedition Amundsen 2016 opens for registration on October 12th
Posted on 01/10/2015 4:12 pm

Expedition Amundsen is called "the world's toughest ski race."  Today this route is used for preparation for extreme polar expeditions. Participants cross the Hardangervidda pulling a sledge, either alone or in teams of 2 or 3 participants. The route is neither marked or prepped, but participants must visit checkpoints along the way.
One can expect very changeable weather. From glorious sunshine to snow and strong winds in a few hours. The temperature is expected to be between -5 ° C and -25 ° C. In previous editions of the race there have been participants who remained marooned for up to 36 hours due to bad weather. It is important to be prepared for anything!
All necessary equipment - food, clothing, maps and compass the participants must carry with them in the sledge which has to weigh over 40kg. If you want rest you’ll sleep in tents. No assistance will be provided during the race, except in emergency situations.
Knowledge and familiarity with the mountain
To participate in Expedition Amundsen it requires that you have knowledge of and familiarity with the mountains in winter. Therefore, one must be able to demonstrate that they have experience in similar winter expeditions, participated in Expedition Amundsen earlier or you have to attend "Amundsen training camp" in advance of the race. You can fint the dates and details about the training camp in our race manual.
Registration for the race will be open from October 12th –  21st .Previous editions of the race has filled up quickly, therefore we’ve introduced a system where there’ll be a lottery amongst the qualified applicants. The applicants will be notified shortly after registration closes if they won a slot in this race.