For nearly 90 years, Åsnes have made skies for mountain use, either the trip goes to a local mountain or to the southpole. To establish a ski-factory in Norway seems crazy to many people 90 years ago, but today Åsnes is the first option for demanding tours and expeditions. 

Expedition Amundsen are demanding for both participants and crew, therefore we are very happy that Åsnes dress up our crew in high-quality fabrics. The clothing from Åsnes makes us confident that all crew can meet any challenge Hardangervidda throw on us.

The collection from Åsnes are based on tradition, great design and experience from expeditions and tours in Norway and in the Arctic. Take a look at the collection here!

Mountain-skies produced by Åsnes is a concept of high-quality and tradition. The ski collection have been named after all the great Norwegian polar explorers and heroes, our favorite pair of skis is of course Amundsen Expedition!