About Expedition Amundsen

Expedition Amundsen is an adventure where you create your own tracks, and give your sledge a petname during the competition.

15.02.27 EXA81

When you cross the finish line at Maurseth in Eidfjord your right ski pole have created 100,000 prints in the snow. 
Your sledge has become your closest friend and an extension of your arms and legs. Knowledge and strong muscles will get you to the finish! But you have to pull the sledge yourself and create your own tracks from Haukeliseter in the south to Maurseth in the north. At 3 checkpoints along the way, there will be wonderful crew cheering for you and think you're fabulous. When you pass the finish line, you will do exactly the same as Roald Amundsen did on the 14 December 1911; plant the flag!